Pictures of lake of San Juan. Our #trashtagchallenge. These pictures were taken when we cleaned the lake of San Juan.  You can see some areas of the lake and some of us in the pictures.  If you click on the photo you will see them better.                                                                                                           

Lake San Juan

        Lake San Juan                  We started our Community Action Project with a cleaning campaigm in the lake San Juan   because we realised  there was to much trash in the lake and we wanted to help solve this situation.        We picked up 134 Kg of trash. Coca-Cola sponsered the cleaning.            The lake of San Juan is located near Pelayos, San Martin de Valdeiglesias, Cebreros...          It has a surface of 650 ha.                   If you click on the chart you will see it larger.          PET is a type of plastic. PET is used to make packaging of drinks or textiles.


      This is a video about  the cleaning we did in the lake of San Juan.  This is a video with photos.     Coca-cola was our sponsor of our cleaning of the lake. We did a competition with 2nd year ESO of bilingual class. We picked up 134 kg of trash in the lake.


        We did a survey with 1st and 2nd ESO about what they think about rubbish in our waterways or what they do to help the enviroment.     With this information we did several infographics.  We used ChartGo to do the infographics.     The questions in the survey aimed to find out what the main concerns about water issues were in our community.       Results:     Most students thought water pollution was bad for the environment and living things. They agreed we have to work in order to keep the sea clean of plastics.     Most of them said the would clean all the waters to save the sea, since they agreed the water we drink is polluted somehow. They claim we should change our behaviour towards the environment. Most students thounght they contribute to water pollution somehow, but many of them say they don't because they recycle.


Hello !!! Welcome to our website, on this website there are a lot of things to investigaste like videos, surveys, some graphics and infographics. On this website you also can visit the website of our high school. You can also see the location of our town. In our community action project this year, we are going to design a blog where we try to talk the consequences of pollution, and how harms the enviroment. Ordered by alphabetical order : Web designed by : Sergio Horcajo, Manuel Mármol and Luis Mateos. Introduction written by :   Alejandro Martín and Pablo Rus.